Are You Stuck In a Job You Hate?

And Have No Idea How to Find a Meaningful Career?

Perhaps you've gone back to work after your kids have grown up and find that the job you enjoyed before is no longer fulfilling. Or you drifted into a job because it was on offer and you stayed because you needed to pay the bills.

Now is the time to change. Discover new ideas and tools to help you find work that is truly meaningful.

Career Coaching

One to One by Phone, Skype or WhatsApp

Would you like some support to help you clear up a specific challenge related to career change? Perhaps you aren’t clear about your future direction or have several opportunities and can’t decide which is the right one.

Book a single session to help you gain clarity and overcome your biggest stumbling block. You can contact me for a free 20 minute session first, if you prefer.

Three Month Intensive

You really want to change career, but feel overwhelmed by the task ahead and as a result you do nothing. Over the course of 3 months, we’ll cover all the steps you need to take to launch your new career.

In a program specially tailored to meet your individual needs, we’ll research ideas, uncover your dreams and ambitions, look at what is holding you back and work on the practical aspects of career change. We’ll start out by planning exactly what you want to cover during the 3 months, so that you can work towards your goals quickly and effectively.

You’ll start taking action from day one.  Contact me to arrange a free 20 minute chat to see if this is right for you.

Your Online Presence

Do you need a website or an online CV or blog? A website is essential if you are starting a business, whether as a full-time career or as a side gig.  And having an online CV and blog is a great way to stand out in the job market. But it takes time and skill to create your own site and many designers charge a fortune. If you are interested in having an affordable site, check out my offer.

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