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About The Author - Waller Jamison

I have had quite an assortment of jobs,  from  waitress to acupuncturist, via secretary and care worker in a children’s home. Most importantly for you, I’m a teacher and careers advisor.

Finding the right career is difficult – especially if, like me, you have many interests. It can be impossible to find them all in one job. And life can get in the way, big time. For me it was a pretty serious health problem, which meant I couldn’t work full time and often couldn’t hold on to a job.

I’m fascinated by the whole concept of career – how it can mean completely different things to different people. And how we look at work from a very limited perspective. And for myself, the challenge is to find a way to do things I love, while keeping healthy.

So with my training and experience as a teacher and in careers guidance, I have a unique perspective and can help you find your own perfect solution to the career dilemma.And I can help with all those troublesome practical tasks, like writing your CV or setting up your website for business or an online CV.

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