Stressed Out About Setting Up a Website?

Let Us Take the Strain

Are You Just Starting Out Online and In Need Of Your First Website?

Are you a coach, healer, trainer or other sole trader who needs an online presence?

You need an eye-catching, professional website, designed to attract your ideal customers.

But you don’t need the hassle of learning to do it all yourself!

Or Perhaps Your Site Needs a MakeOver?

Things change quickly on the internet and your website could be out of date.

Do you make use of the full size of the screen and advanced layouts?

Is it responsive – adjusting in size to look good on any size of screen?

But you don’t need the hassle of learning to do it all yourself!

How Do You Picture Your Ideal Website?

Building Your Online Presence

Creating a site that both expresses your personality and highlights your products and services takes both time and thought.

Perhaps you’ve seen a site you really like. Or you want to incorporate various elements from different sites.

Write it all down and sketch out your ideal site. What sort of images will you use? What will your content be? Will you just display your products and services or will you write a blog?

You can start with a one page site with a small section about yourself, your services/products and how to contact you.

Or you can begin with several pages and a blog. With WordPress you can expand your site as and when you are ready.

Get in touch for a free consultation and we can talk you through this. And if you decide to work with us, we can build a site to meet your unique specfications.

Scroll down for some ideas to get you started.

Just some of the features

That Will Make Your Website Stand Out

Choose Your Home Page Layout

Do you prefer a full width or boxed  page? Would you like a large image or background pattern to show your brand?
With text and a button as a call to action?

Or do you want an opt-in at the top?


Your logo is an important element in your header and footer.

Would you like the logo in the middle or on one side?

You can use a light version and a dark version to go with different backgrounds.


It’s crucial that your visitors can find what they want. Choose the colour, size and font of your menu items.

Do you prefer horizontal or vertical menu?

You can also have a different menu in the footer.


You have the option to use a variety of headers. Choose a large background image, colour/pattern or video for your home page header.

And a different header for the inner pages, or for some individual pages, such as sales pages, to suit the content of each page.

Price Lists

Display prices for different offers in table format, enabling customers to make a comparison and choose the best option for them.


Lengthy text can be divided into sections which open up individually, allowing visitors to find the information they need quickly.


Create as many sidebars as you like – you can use a different one for every page, allowing visitors to access relevant information quickly.

Popups and Optins

Add optin forms to your sidebars or on any main pages to build your mailing list. And add a popup to any page.

How Much Will it Cost?

Cost will depend on individual requirements. However, here are some guidelines.

On a Budget? Or Want to Get Started Quickly?

Consider a One Page Site

All of your information goes on one page, with a menu at the top and bottom linking to each section.

This page has been set up exactly like a one page website to show you how it works. As you can see, you can include plenty of information.

Your site can be updated as and when you like, adding as many new pages as you need.

Prices start at £299.

Standard 6 Page Site

6 Pages to Meet Your Requirments

In addition to your home page, you might choose 5 pages to contain your most important information.

You might have an about page, a contact page, 2 pages for products and services and a blog page.

Or you might choose a squeeze page to collect email addresses and have about and contact on one page. Choose whatever works best for you.

Prices start at £699.

Need Additional Pages?

No Problem…

We can add as many additional pages as you like and will discuss price based on your content.

If you want to upgrade from a one page site to a standard 6 page site, we’ll charge the difference between the two options.

This upgrade offer is only for existing customers whose one page site was created by us.

Upgrade and  Pages: negotiable.

What’s Included?

Plugins for Extra Functionality

We’ll install plugins to cover basic functions such as contact forms, security and anti-spam.

And a privacy policy and sitemaps.

If you require additional plugins or other work, we’ll negotiate a price.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what plugins are  – or what any of ther other terms mean – we’ll talk you through all this before you commit to choosing us to build your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do You Offer Hosting?

    No, in my experience you are better off with a large company than an individual for hosting.

    The company I use is very affordable and provides excellent support.

    For one site it costs approx $4-$8 a month.  And you will get a discount for your first payment, which can be for an extended period.

    Don’t worry, I will help you get everything set up (included in the the price for your site).

  • How Long Will it Take?

    It should take about three to four weeks to finish a standard website and less time for the one and five page special offers. However, this depends on your supplying your content right away. If the content isn’t ready, I can set up a homepage with basic information and contact page and add the additional content later.

    If you require additional work, involving elements such as graphics, coding or a shopping cart, this will take longer. I can also write your content for you, source images and create video. However, this will cost extra.

  • Are there Any Ongoing Costs?

    Apart from the standard hosting and annual domain renewal, which everyone with a website has to pay, there are no ongoing regular costs.

    You’ll receive some pdfs and videos to help you update the site yourself. And if you want individual tuition onlilne, that can be arranged at £30 per hour.

    You can get in touch if you want some help in the future and just pay as and when you need it, again at £30 per hour.

  • When Can You Start?

    I never take on too many projects and so could be able start within the next 2 -3 working days, once an order is confirmed, a deposit is paid and you have sent me your content with instructions for colour and layout.

    I will send a contract with details of what we have agreed. We can discuss this on the phone or Skype before I start and during the process, to ensure that you are happy with the site and to agree any changes.

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